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3 Answers

Bounced Visitors

Asked by: dacarr 460 views User Questions

If a visitor is recorded as a bounced visitor, in Google Analytics – for example the visitor loads a page and then immediately hits their browser’s back button – does AdvertPro still record the ads loaded on that page as a view delivered?

3 Answers

  1. renegade_mike on Dec 04, 2008

    My understanding is that a bounced visitor is a visitor who viewed only one page. That does not necessarily mean they left before the page completed loading. They may have read the whole page or they could have left instantly, but the bounce reports do not specify. In any case though, the ad impressions will be counted if they were loaded completely. This is also true of ads at the bottom of your page. Did the visitor scroll down to actually see them? They are counted either way, which is why bottom of the page ads are generally sold at lower rates.

    I get the impression that you see a discrepancy between your Google Analytics and AdvertPRO reports. That’s really to be expected. A percentage of visitors will have privacy software that blocks Google Analytics from tracking them. A percentage of them will have JavaScript disabled in their browser, so Google Analytics won’t track anything from them since their tracking codes are 100% JavaScript. Caching is also an issue. If the Google Analytics script is cached then they will miss counting page views. AdvertPRO, on the other hand, has several methods of preventing caching so that it never misses counting impressions. Those are the big discrepancy causers, but there other smaller ones too. A discrepancy of 10-15% or so is generally normal all things considered.

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  2. dacarr on Dec 04, 2008

    So, if I understand correctly, the number of ad views AdvertPro reports on any given day it the most accurate reflection of how many page views we had on that day?

    If I have 3 ads per page, and 30,000 ad views, then I should have roughly 10,000 page views? Give or take a few?

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  3. renegade_mike on Dec 04, 2008

    Yes, that’s correct and you do have to give or take a few. The ads can be blocked as well by ad blockers, but to a lesser extent than Google since they are a much bigger target for blacklists.

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