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3 Answers

Reports data incorrect

Asked by: lisat5 469 views User Questions

It appears that the data provided on our Reports tab in the main navigation isn’t fully updated – to the point that it’s entirely inaccurate and missing for some time periods.

BUT, I can view what appears to be correct reporting data (impressions/clicks) when I view individual Campaigns … unfortunately, this does not give me the ability to view the data by date range. Nonetheless, I hope this is a positive indication that we have not lost data.

Can you please tell me the steps we need to take to remedy the problem?

Thanks much – Lisa

3 Answers

  1. renegade_mike on Jan 07, 2009

    The campaign data that you see (views/clicks), is that in the campaign listing or when you edit the campaign and view its delivery status page? In that case there may be a problem with the reporting tables in the SQL database. Can you provide us with access to your server to troubleshoot and repair that?

    Here’s a link to a secure form to submit that information to us: https://services.renegadeinternet.com/access/ — it’d be a good idea to enter the subject of this thread in the Optional Notes field at the end of that form in case we need to reference back to this thread.

    Note that we will require you have an up to date support contract to this. If yours happens to be expired we’ll help you renew it. It can also be renewed online here too if you want to do that in advance: https://services.renegadeinternet.com/license-renew/

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  2. lisat5 on Jan 08, 2009

    We cannot give you direct access to the server. If you wouldn’t mind, could you set up a time with Joey Estrach, Director of Network Operations, at SmartPros (P: 914-517-1154, [email]josephestrach@smartpros.com[/email]) to arrange for access?

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  3. renegade_mike on Jan 08, 2009

    I’ve just sent you an e-mail instead of replying here.

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