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Delivery Options

Asked by: dacarr 444 views Feature Requests

I would like to see the ability to set “Even Distribution” at the point entering the number of impressions to deliver for a campaign. It makes no sense to enter all pertinent information, but then have to go back into the campaign once it is created and edit it to include “Even Distribution.”

1 Answers

  1. renegade_mike on Jan 14, 2009

    The whole campaign creation and editing process is being overhauled for the next version.

    We’re basically going to consolidate and organize things better so there are fewer steps and no need to jump around all over the place.

    Our plan for the campaign wizard is to re-organize it like this:

    Step 1: Campaign Setup

    * Campaign Settings: Name, Advertiser, Status Notes
    * Campaign Type: Type and Size (if a banner)
    * Campaign Rates: Advertiser & Publisher CPM, CPC, CPA, Flat Rate

    Step 2: Schedule & Limits

    * Dates & Times: Start Date, Stop Date, Day of Week, Hour of Day
    * Delivery Limits: Max Views (Even Distribution checkbox beneath this field), Max Clicks, Max Actions
    * Delivery Capping: Views/Timeout, Clicks/Timeout, Actions/Timeout

    Step 3: Targeting

    * Custom Targeting
    * Geographical Targeting
    * Keyword Targeting (Keyword Only checkbox being moved here)
    * Network Targeting
    * Publisher Targeting (presently called Publisher Exclusion)
    * Referrer Targeting
    * Software Targeting
    * Theme Targeting

    Step 4: Media Assignments

    Step 5: Zone Assignments

    As you can see, all aspects of the campaign will be configurable in just 5 steps. Presently the new campaign wizard is 8 steps and it omits the even distribution, keyword only, all targeting, and alerts. Even distribution adds an extra step and each type of target does as well. An evenly distributed and geographically targeted campaign takes 10 steps now, but that will be cut in half by these enhancements.

    Speaking of alerts, those will not be in the new campaign wizard. At least we’re currently planning on leaving them out. The reason being we’re making it possible to set up alerts at the advertiser account level, so those will automatically be applied to their new campaigns. We think it makes sense to leave that step out and let you change those on a case by case basis after the wizard, which we don’t see being often because advertisers mostly want the same alerts for all of their campaigns.

    The steps for editing a campaign will be broken down into a tabbed screen with the same steps each being their own tab with one added for alerts.

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