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Possible to display banners based on links clicked?

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For new users to my site – who are just navigating/browsing around to get familiarized and are not yet searching – is it possible banners can be displayed related to the links they click?

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1 Answers

  1. renegade_mike on Apr 06, 2009

    You cannot target links, but you can target banners to the pages those links lead to on your site. Each section of your site and possibly some individual pages (i.e. your home page) should have separate sets of zones to facilitate targeting. You probably also want to have a separate zone for your search results page.

    Another option is our contextual targeting module. You could use it to target banners to keywords in the content of your pages. However, it doesn’t absolutely eliminate the need for the zone segmentation. You may still prefer to have separate zones for reporting purposes so you can drill in on individual sections.

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