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Balancing views among advertisers?

Asked by: LauraSherman 588 views User Questions


We currently run three separate banner ads on our website.
One of my advertisers has complained that they are not getting equal time on the rotation. I have tested this theory on 3 separate computers using different browsers (IE, Mozilla, Google Chrome) and I believe the rotations have been quite fair. However I just tested on a fourth computer and the same ad keeps refreshing!

I am noticing that the rotation is sometimes random, other times it seems spot on. Has anyone else had issues with this? If so, any advice on how to explain this to the advertiser? Is there a report I can share that shows # of views? One of the other advertisers has three different ads rotating, but I set it up so that they would only get 1/3 of the rotation for the three ads. Any tips on how to make things more fair?


1 Answers

  1. renegade_mike on May 12, 2009

    How random the rotation appears to you will be affected by the number of concurrent visitors browsing your site because the ad server is doing its best to distribute impressions evenly between all visitors.

    What types of banners are in your zone? Are most of them Flash or HTML banners and only one of them a graphic banner? The problem is most likely that the advertiser and the computer you duplicated the problem with have JavaScript disabled or they have some type of ad blocker or content filtering. That prevents the more sophisticated Flash/HTML ads from being displayed and they fallback on the simpler graphic banners, so if you have only one of those they get no rotation.

    You can handle this better by asking advertisers to provide an alternate GIF or JPG graphic for their Flash banners. When creating or editing a Flash banner, there is a section called Alternate Graphic Banner below where you input the Flash file. If you enter the Image URL and Redirect URL for the graphic there, it will displayed in cases where the Flash version can’t be delivered to the visitor.

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