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Multiple media/campaign -> multiple zones

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I’ve created one campaign that’s delivering qty-3 120×60 banners to qty-4 zones as follows:

Page ‘A’

zoneid284 -> qty-2 120×60 positions.
Page ‘A’ also has a qty-2 468×60 positions zone and a qty-1125×125 position zone.

Page ‘B’

zoneid286 -> qty-8 120×60 positions.
zoneid287 -> qty-2 120×60 positions.
zoneid288 -> qty-2 120×60 positions.
These are all the zones on Page ‘B’.

I’m a bit puzzled.

On Page ‘A’ the qty-3 banners rotate with an [approx] even distribution in both positions when I refresh the page [FF3].

On Page ‘B’ the qty-3 banners do not rotate: they all seem to be stuck in the same positions when I refresh the page [FF3]. Well I just opened new tabs and a new window and get some rotation, but it’s not ~even as on Page ‘A’.

Any insights into the Page ‘B’ behavior appreciated.

Thank you,


Edit: After checking new tabs and new window for Page ‘B’, the banners all end up having the same positions when I refresh all tabs/windows.

1 Answers

  1. renegade_mike on May 15, 2009

    The zone code in page B hasn’t been modified? If the JavaScript was removed from it, the rotation could be affected. The JavaScript inserts random numbers and timestamps into URLs to prevent caching, so it should never be removed.

    Many other factors can affect the rotation as well. Limits on campaigns such as even distribution, frequency capping, or targeting. You should also check the advertiser accounts. Do they have any competitor or roadblock options enabled?

    The competitor and roadblock options operate on a 10 second timeout, so if you quickly and repeatedly refresh a page you can keep getting the same ads. The timeout is renewed each time you refresh the page too. Generally that is not a real problem since visitors to you site won’t have browsing patterns like that, so you should only see it when testing. Testing by simply looking at the rotation on the page gets difficult when all of these factors are combined, so I tend to recommend looking at the reports to see if you are getting the desired impression distribution — they are updated in real-time with a < 1 minute delay worst case so you can see the results of changes without waiting very long at all.

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