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1 campaign w/ 10 media, or 10 campaigns w/ 1 media?

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Let’s say in one day I have qty-10 120×60 banner media to create campaign[s] for, and the limits, capping, targeting, zone and rates are the same for all qty-10 media.

Does it make any difference to AdvertServe if I create:

* Qty-1 campaign which includes 10 media, or
* Qty-10 campaigns which each includes 1 media?

Let’s also assume all media/campaigns have the same priority and chain.

To me the obvious trade-offs are:

* If I create just qty-1 campaign, this effort is more efficient because I have added all 10 media in only 1 campaign creation cycle.
* If I create qty-10 campaigns each with 1 media, I have the most edit control, if I need to change for example limits, capping, targeting, zones and/or rates.

Just wondering what your thoughts are, and if there are any AdvertServe functionality/performance preferences or best practices?


1 Answers

  1. renegade_mike on Mar 03, 2010

    Well, it really depends on how much control you want. If all of the ads belong to the same advertiser/campaign and are just different variations of each other (different colors, wording, etc…) then it’s fine to use a single campaign. If the ads belong to multiple advertisers you can’t do a single campaign because campaigns are advertiser specific.

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