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What are ‘best practices’ for permissions for advertiser accounts?

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A The ‘advertiser account’ looks valuable to enable each advertiser to keep him/herself up to date, and to access reports on which to make decisions about existing, modified, and future media, campaigns and zones.

We could have 500 advertisers, for example.

B I am interested to understand ‘best practices’ using the AS ‘advertiser account’ functionality. What permissions do other AS users usually offer their advertisers? Or what scope of AS access is most useful for advertisers?

Thank you.

1 Answers

  1. renegade_mike on Apr 08, 2010

    I recommend that you at least give advertisers the Control Panel, Accounts, and Reports permissions.

    The Control Panel permission allows them to log in. Revoking that permission prevents them from logging in.

    The Accounts permission allows them to view their account information, change their password, and update their contact information.

    The Reports permission of course gives them permission to view their own reports. You might not want them to see all types of reports. It’s possible to handle that with the sub-report permissions, for example you might want to limit them from seeing Network or Referrer reports.

    Allowing them access to Campaigns and Media is useful so they can see all of their ads and view the targeting settings of their campaigns. They do only have read-only access. It’s not possible for them to make any changes, but it can make it easier for them to request changes if they can look themselves exactly how things are set up.

    The Tools permission is also useful, just to give them access to the CPM/CPC/CPA calculators.

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