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Posted by on October 5, 2008 1 Comments

Downloadable User Guide?

I found the user guide and this may sound dumb, but is there a downloadable version or an easy way to down load the users guide? My company uses Advertpro and I am new to the company but the user guides are not around anymore. Thanks

Posted by JasonB on December 6, 2007 12 Comments

Errors During Server Migration

We’re going through a server migration and are running into some issues. In the setup_log I’m receiving the following error: message from server: “Host ‘xxx.xxx.xxx’ is not allowed to connect to this MySQL server” We have version 1.0.9018 of advertpro and are moving from MySQL 4 to MySQL 5 in addition to moving to a [...]

Posted by sfunes on June 27, 2007 1 Comments

Mysql 5 and advertPro?

i´m trying to instal advertpro using :mysql 5.0tomcat 5.5jdbc 5but i get an error 503

Posted by pedrom on May 13, 2007 1 Comments

Windows Installer

Do you provide any windows installer?

Posted by Zero-K on February 19, 2007 29 Comments

500 errors

I installed AdvertPro and as I was trying to set it up, I started getting 500 errors.I get it on the Campaigns screen whenever it tries to filter results and also on the maintenance screen under software. Everything still seems like it’s functional, I can add/edit/delete everything, but I can’t list off the campaigns. It’s [...]

Posted by sfbell on October 17, 2006 1 Comments

Exception during setup

Hello, I am trying to setup the Advert Pro, and the final step of setup is throwing an exception: [Tue Oct 17 09:14:34 EDT 2006] [NOTICE] retrieving data from the ‘campaign_datetime’ table[Tue Oct 17 09:14:34 EDT 2006] [EMERGENCY] fatal error encountered attempting to retrieve data from the database[Tue Oct 17 09:14:34 EDT 2006] [EMERGENCY] java.sql.SQLException: [...]