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Posted by PP08 on September 16, 2008 4 Comments

serious problem

Dear sir After we have upgraded Advertpro software, we face that our server has been down 3 times in this week. It’s our serious problem because our customers complained. Could you kindly help investigate on our server system and advise. Thank you in advance.Regards,Wongduan

Posted by JasonB on February 27, 2008 10 Comments

Flash Errors

Hi, I just upgraded to 1.0.9225. After the upgrade, when I try to go into a flash banner ad’s media attributes I get: 500 / INTERNAL SERVER ERROR Error Information The request could not be completed due to an unexpected internal error encountered by the server. Error Time Wed Feb 27 09:51:47 EST 2008 I’m [...]

Posted by Zero-K on March 6, 2007 2 Comments

Where to get update?

I’m not sure if I’m blind, or just not receiving all information.I get a message in my AdvertPro that there’s an update. I can see all the changes in the changelog. I’ve been forwarded an email from the account holder but it only consists of the list of changes/upgrades. But I cant’ find anywhere to [...]